Below are a list of some of my current projects.

3D Printing

I'm exploring a number of technologies around 3D printing. Some of the research areas include using lasers for automatic bed alignment,  methods for increasing speed and reliability, multi-color printing, and new fabrication techniques. 

To facilitate this I'm developing my own modular 3D printer design that switches between FDM, SLA, and other techniques.

You can find postings on 3D printing in the blog under the tag 3DPrinting.

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I'm developing a number of robot concepts. My goal is to increase the functional usefulness of robots first for my own needs around the workshop, and then second for other tasks.  Some functions I'm working on include a robotic "engine hoist" for assisting to move heavy items, a "watering robot" for the yard, and an omnidirectional spider robot using a 6-legged delta design.

You can find postings on robots in the blog under the tag Robots.

Functional Steampunk

Photo Feb 28, 3 43 21 PM.jpg

I've always enjoyed the Steampunk jeanre, but it annoys me that often the Steampunk machines are not created to be "engineeringly accurate".  I've decided to create my own Steampunk sculptures that appear functionally correct.  For example, my first project is a steam-powered desk lamp.   It will have functional gauges and levers that drive a steam-powered generator to generate the electricity for the lamp (or so it would seem :-)).

You can find postings on these under the tag Steampunk.

Mini Race Car

Mini Race Car

This project involved converting a Mini Cooper into a race car.  All aspects of the car were examined, modified, and sometimes completely reengineered including Aerodynamics, engine, ECU, mechanics, electronics, etc.  Custom components were designed and manufactured including Aluminum valve cover, Aerodynamic components, interior components, electronics, and more.

You can find postings on the car's development in the blog under the tag Mini.

Plasma Torch Holder

A simple, lightweight torch holder for the Grunblau Platform CNC.  It is mounted to the Z axis via magnetic plates, which are then attached to a linear rail and spring-loaded.  The plasma torch can be quickly detached to switch to other machine tools.

I will be posting information on this project in the Blog in the near future.


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Custom Beads

These beads are machined from a solid block of copper/steel/aluminum using a CNC with 4th axis.  This also makes it easy to engrave arbitrary designs on the faces.   I am working on a process for mapping arbitrary designs onto the face using Solidworks and then translate that into the necessary 4-axis G-code.

I will be posting information on this project in the Blog in the near future.


3D Inside 4.jpg

North St. Workshop

I designed the workshop as a flexible workspace for a wide range of projects.  I created a 3D model of the building and room elements to weigh a number of design trade-offs based upon budget and functionality. 

I will be posting information on this project in the Blog in the near future.