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CNC Plasma Dinosaur Project

I worked on a quick side project today as a wedding present.  I used my Grunblau CNC to plasma cut a dinosaur and then welded it together with the TIG welder.  It was a good chance to test some changes I made to the packaging of the torch height control electronics and the effectiveness of the water table.

I had some initial issues with the tip plunging into the material, but after replacing the consumables and fiddling with the THC settings a bit it ended up working quite well.  The cuts came out pretty clean:

Also, the water table worked very well for reducing the smoke and fumes.  Moreover the grate is still working well for supporting the pieces.  There is very little cut-through so far and the holes are small enough to prevent parts from falling through.

2015-04-14 12.32.02.jpg

I made a vide of the cutting and welding process:

And the end result turned out well:

Now back to the 3D printer project!








Posted on April 15, 2015 and filed under Projects, CNC Machining.