3D Printer Project: Test Prints

Having had a couple of months fine tuning the printhead, we've been able to dial in the precision and accuracy to a very high degree.  At this point we estimate we're achieving about a 50um resolution with a high degree of repeatability.    Here are some example outputs:

One application area we're investigating is producing micro features and meshes.  To achieve very high resolution we've created a custom gcode generator that directly produces the printer commands using a specific set of geometric criteria.  This has enabled us to produce some very fine meshes: 

Here are some meshes with PCL:

We've also started playing with other types of materials, such as PCL, Ninjaflex, Nylon, and others.  We made a slight modification to the print module to make it easier to print very flexible materials.  So far this has worked fantastically well.  Here's an early print of the Ninjaflex:

More to come!








Posted on February 27, 2016 and filed under 3D Printers, Projects.