3D Printer Project: Final Assembly & Initial Testing

The last few days I've been going through the last remaining tasks to get the printer running.  First and foremost I finished the wiring.  Because of the dual extruders the number of wires has grown considerably.  The wiring didn't turn out quite as neatly as I'd hoped, but for now it will work.  I've already planned out the cable management for version 2 and it's considerably better than this.

I also built some quick hangers to mount the filament spools on the side.  I plan on replacing these with better versions that have bearings in the near future:

Finally I fabricated a fan shroud to direct air at the hotends correctly.  My initial design for the fan ducts blocked too much of the airflow, so redesigned them to have round openings and pathways.

After testing out various subsystems I was ready to run my first calibration test:

And here's literally the first thing that came out of the machine:

As you can tell from the final part I still have some additional calibration work to do. The extrusion rate, temperatures and z axis all need further calibration.  However I feel this is pretty good first test.





Posted on May 6, 2015 and filed under Projects, CNC Machining, 3D Printers.