3D Printer Project: Fabrication #3

Continuing the fabrication and assembly of the printer I next tackled mounted the pulleys and belts.  The belt system uses three different sizes of pulleys.  I realized that the X/Y mounting brackets were slightly off in the CAD model due to an error in modeling some of the pulleys.  I adjusted the pulleys and brackets in the model:


I then 3D printed the updated pulley blocks to test fit.  The corner brackets were the easiest, since they just involved mounting the pulleys on a single shaft.  I also 3D printed spacers to go between the pulleys:

The Y carriage blocks were tricker, since the two pulleys overlap.  I had to reprint the block after doing an initial test fit to increase clearance around the pulleys.  I also had to print the spacers a few times to position the pulleys vertically just enough to clear each other properly.

After working those out, I was able to finish assembling everything together.  However I still need to work on the tensioning mechanism for the belts. It's difficult to get the belt tensions correct.

I also went ahead and cut the holes and ways in the Z axis plate:

Next I will begin assembling the Z axis assembly and drilling the holes in the edges of the plates to mount them together.



Posted on February 17, 2015 and filed under 3D Printers, Projects.