Omnidirectional Walking Robot Test 1

The next step in developing my Omnidirectional Walking Robot concept was to simulate the belt motion and check for collisions in the legs.  After a bit of trial and error I was able to build up the assembly in Solidworks so that the belts moved correctly.  Here is a quick video of the simulation I made:

I have received some of the components already (belts, timing pulleys, motors).  The next step is to start 3D printing each of the parts and assembling them together.  I'm going to start by assembling one of the legs.  I've modified the leg attachment to use a separate mounting plate for each leg to simplify fabrication.  This also allows assembly of the whole leg together and then separately mounting it to the main platform:

A key piece I have to work out is the coupling of the worm gear to each leg.  This is the first piece I'm going to print out:


Posted on June 18, 2014 .