Art & Photography

 The bulk of this blog will be Engineering related. But before I go into that I want to explain my strong belief in the value of Art & Photography classes for *everyone*. Having the ability to draw and understanding the basics of good composition & layout are essential skills that impact one's ability to communicate, design and even to think.

Rule #2: Everything you ever needed to know you learned in Art Class.

I started taking Art classes several years ago. The initial value to me was to develop my ability to present my ideas to other people, and to improve my sense of composition.

The first thing you learn is to draw what you *see*. Such a simple concept, yet it was amazing to me how many people in the class struggled with this concept. That was the point I began to realize that there was more to learn in the class than simply "drawing"


After considerable practice, I slowly developed a better sense of composition and design. My drawings slowly started feeling more "artistic" (to me):



More of my pictures from these classes can be seen in my photo album.

Around the same time, I began doing digital photography. What I immediately sensed was the impact of my drawing skills on the results. Many of the pictures were more like paintings than photographs. Here are a few examples:


This sense of texture and composition extends to my more recent photos:


You can see more of my photos here: Larry's Photo Gallery

The impact of this compositional sense has been invaluable to me in innumerable other areas, such as designing a software application desktop:


 And even to designing a car:


More than that, I feel that it has helped me to order, organize and structure information in my brain in a way that is fundamentally better than what it was previously. Clearly I feel that these were some of the most valuable classes I have taken.


Posted on October 6, 2013 .